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> H.S. Teoh wrote:
>> FWIW, when I first learned English, I conflated [V] with
>> [a], and [I] with [i] when speaking English.

I merge them, too. There's just [a] and [A] for /a/ in my
speech. I also struggle with the difference between [O] and
[Q]. So my /Q/ might be in fact [O:] sometimes.

> I found [I]
>> too much like [e] when listening to English. It was only

They're quite similar sometimes.

> ....I used to think I was conflating /V A/ too (but with
> /A:/ for the PALM vowel), but I've since then lernt that
> my Finnish /A/ is more of an [6] or [a\] or [A_x]
> actually, and I don't really use any vowel in the range
> of [A] proper.

What about German vocalized R then? It's also [6] usually.

>> But even now, I still have trouble
>> distinguishing between [V] and [6].

Indeed from looking at the IPA chart they should sound very
similar, too.

"fi:l@ "gRy:s@

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