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>>lars.finsen@... wrote:

>>But one thing I am considering is to unvoice an m before
>>unvoiced stops and s. Curiously I don't find a symbol for this in 
>>the Sampa chart. Is this something that's simply not done, or what?

>JR <fuscian@...> wrote:

>There's no separate symbol for it, but you can always put a little 
>circle underneath (or above, for a character has a descender) to 
>voicelessness. In X-SAMPA it's _0. And voiceless nasals are found 
in >many languages, phonetically as well as phonemically.

There is an unvoiced "m" in Senjecas.  I use the little circle above 
when it is available.  In X-Sampa I use /m_0/.  In the standard 
orthography of the language I use the IPA symbol "m-hook" when 
available.  Here on the list I use "mh."  I use the "h" digraph here 
to represent the four unvoiced sonorants: mh, rh, lh, jh.

I have read that there is an unvoiced "m" as an allophone in 
English. It occurs after another unvoiced consonant: smoke.