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 >> Here be Unicode!
 > And in this case, I am able to reciprocate.

I *think* I gave the UCNs for all characters I cited, if
that was of any help. I trust you have BabelMap
installed if you are on Windows. Don't leave the Latin 26
without it! :-)

 >> Paul Bennett skrev:
 >>> I have a chart of what I think is the latest IPA
 >> Would you mind showing us that document?
 > 2005.png

OK, thanks. Interesting. It explicitly says that the shaded
symbols are unofficial extensions, so there may be hope for
getting them into the phonetic extensions block. Most
importantly db and qp ligatures are already in Latin
Extended B as ȸȹ \u0238 \u0239.

(Hmm, I made my th > yh typo again. I must devise a language
which uses that digraph! :-)

 >>> I've currently been dealing with them by using the
 >>> that's obviously not such a hot prospect for the velar
 >>> lateral fricative.
 >> Do you mean: K` = ɬ̢ = \u026c \u0322, K_j = ɬʲ =
 >> \u026c \u02b2 ?
 > \u0321 instead of \u02b2, thus: ɬ̡

Aha. I don't like the distinction between ̡ and ̢ \u0321
and \u0322, as it is dyslectic to me. It probably is to
others too, since \u0321 got withdrawn. BTW the glyphs are
swapped in Gentium, which is one reason I don't use that
font anymore -- the others are lack of boldface and weak
Cyrillic coverage. Go DejaVu! :-)

 >> I've used all of:
 >> * s`_l = ʂˡ = \u0282 \u02e1
 >> * s\_l = ɕˡ = \u0255 \u02e1
 >> * z\_l = ʑˡ = \u0291 \u02e1
 >> * C_l = çˡ = \u00e7 \u02e1
 >> * x_l = xˡ = \u0078 \u02e1
 >> which can hardly be misunderstood and is an easily
 >> extendable pattern. I mean, what *would* a laterally
 >> released freicative be if not a lateral fricative?

"freicative" is another interesting typo. I wonder if it's
due to r and e being next to each other on the keyboard, or
if English /I/ maps to Swedish /e/ for me?! :-)

 > I have decided to update my manuscript to use this method.

Excellent! Hopefully we can make that notation a CXS
standard even if there come fonts that have those extra
belted characters.

/BP 8^)
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