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> 1. Attempt to pronounce it as close to the native as
> possible

Which would be Beijing, /pæ\IN_M/ according to my
Chinese dictionary.

> 2. Use English rules of pronunciation to read it [beIdZIN]

If speaking English, then yes.

> 4. Pronounce it otherwise?

German: Peking /"pe.kIN/

> Ditto for "Paris", "Seoul", "Kagoshima", "Iraq",
> "Madrid", "Havana", "São Paulo" etc.

/pa."Ris/, /se."ul/, /*, /i."Ra:k/, /ma."dRIt/,
/ha."vAna/, /sAU) "pAU)lo/


*) Where goes the stress? Is it analogue to /hi."
or is it /ka.go." Where is that city, anyway? That's
by chance not the same as Hiroshima, or is it?

"Miranayam kepauara naranoaris." (Kalvin nay Hobbes)
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