Eric Christopherson writes:
> And off-topic: Does anyone else think it would make sense to P
> instead of p\ for the voiceless bilabial fricative? The current P,
> the labiodental approximant, already has an alternate symbol, v\,
> which looks more like the actual IPA symbol. (Apologies if this has
> already been addressed!)

I want to write /P/ all the time, too.  The problem is, just as you
write, that /P/ = /v\/ and IIRC, this is X-Sampa.  I think

   1. we probably don't want to break compatibility with X-Sampa
      (except for historical cases where it's already done: { and })

   2. we probably don't want to *change* CXS, but merely extend it

Both 1. and 2. to avoid confusion.