On 01/02/07, Benct Philip Jonsson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
   ^^ Thanks Mark, that looks much betterly!

> "T. A. McLeay" <[log in to unmask]> hat escreut:

> The Russian pronunciations are IIANM /'i:g@r;/ and
> /I'va:n/ (Yitzik are you listening? You even used to be an
> Igor IIRC?)

I did not think that Russian made a distinction of length.

>  > I imagine the nearest vowel in my speech to the Russian
>  > vowel is in fact "short i". (The Russian word _ty_ ("you")
>  > is sometimes very close to how I pronouce the name of the
>  > fourth letter of the (English) alphabet, altho the Russian
>  > vowel usually strikes me as broader than I'd aim for...)
> Russian has both /i/, Romanized _i_, and /i\/, Romanized _y_
> as different phonemes.

Indeed, it was that contrast that I was alluding to by observing that
"y" sounds more like my /Ii/ than "i" does, or vice versa. Hence that
"Igor"/"Ivan" with a "long e" vowel is not particularly much more apt
than with a "long i" vowel. Perhaps I should try saying what I mean,
instead of expecting people to jump to my conclusions :)