Dana Nutter hat geskryf:

> li [Isaac Penzev] mi tulis la
> > > Ever looked at Romanova?
> > Never heard of that.
> The website presentation isn't very good but here it is.

Latsa danki. // Many thanks.
Indeed, this projects seems quite attractive. Though I would criticise the
use of "C" for /k/. When I see "CE", I want to read it as [sE] or [tSE], not

> > > > It's sort of like the Romance equivalent of
> > > > Slovio.
> > >
> > > If it's as ugly as Slovio (which makes me feel nausea), it
> > is not worth
> > > attention...
> "Ugly" is subjective.

Yes, you are right. But as it was said earlire, it doesn't *meet the
expectations*. We are accustomed to the way Slavic langs work, when we see
something radically different but using familiar words - yuck! And words
choice is strange - Russian vocabulary is rather innovative in comrapison to
the other Slavic langs. I'd better look at Ukrainian or Polish...

> Slovio doesn't bother me as much as E-o.  Anyway
> Romanova does have some quirks I don't care for but your mileage may
> vary.

As you said earlier, let's work more on the projects rather than put most of
energy into debating ;)

-- Yitzik