li [Dave Rutan] mi tulis la

> > As far as houses of worship go, most the the terms
> > mentioned
> > like "worship place", etc.  I'm surprised nobody has mentioned
> > "diejo",
> > or would that be "heaven".
> Well, being as 'Dio' is in all places and in all times, the universe 
> would be the diejo...   Seriously though, I'd have to say the 
> last place 
> capable of being referred to as a 'diejo' might have been the 
> Temple in 
> Jerusalem before the Babylonian captivity (or thereabouts.)

Depends on what you consider a "Dio" to be.  In the Judeo-Christian sense it could be everywhere but another religion may have a different view of what a "dio" is.  As an atheist, "diejo" is a mythical place.

> (no offense intended.)

Not offended anyway.