A sauna is a very positive place, the contrary of an insult.

Isaac Penzev wrote that we auxlangers are stupid.

You ignore his provocation because very provisorily

he seems to abound in your extravagant exotic ways. 

I don't


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>--- Isaac Penzev <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Jacques Dehee wrote:
>> > Subject: "From Chernobyl with love"
>> In older times, just for this only phrase you would
>> be challenged to a duel.
>I remember recently that Jacques was arguing with
>someone who was Finnish and mentioned something about
>"going into the sauna." It's somewhat ironic that a
>person who claims to be doing something in an
>international spirit makes such comments.
>> 2.3.3. To make it eevn more neutral, one may suggest
>> to compose the basic
>> vocabulary a_priori, taking into account sound
>> symbolism and/or sound
>> frequency in the major natlangs, and then to expand
>> it with borrowing
>> cultural items from their proper source langs
>> (culture includes technology,
>> too) and with word building by simple derivation and
>> compounding.
>I agreed fully with you until the last point. I think
>it is really an esthetic choice, but I don't like a
>priori vocabulary myself. Not because it isn't a good
>thing. It may very well be more neutral. But it's
>because somehow, I am a traditionalist and I like
>etymology. And I hate the idea of speaking a language
>where all the dictionary entries will say: invented
>2007. But I'm not that particular about where they
>come from. In my own language I've used a
>non-systematic blend, but I wouldn't necessarily be
>against adopting them from Sanskrit or Chinese
>(difficult phonetically) or even Sumerian for that
>matter. In fact, adopting Sumerian words would de
>facto be a priori. It's really a subjective thing, but
>to me there is something romantic about thinking that
>I am using words derived from what the Sumerians used
>5,000 years ago, but there is nothing romantic about
>using terms that one of my acquaintances (or myself,
>or a computer program) invented in 2006 or 2007.
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