Je 05.24 ptm 2007.02.25, Jens WILKINSON skribis

>It's fine for a non-auxlang (I don't know what to call
>it, a language that is based on a group of native
>speakers) to have rules like "on an airplane" versus
>"in a car", but for an auxlang it's silly to have
>rules like that. And my concern is that the
>development of a body of literature tends to encourage
>that kind of ossification.

No. A body of literature does not encourage that kind of 
ossification; it will set it in place if it already exists, however. 
But you can't blame that on the literature, just on the developing 
structure of the language.

Actually, careful literateurs can do much to offset such rules as you 
(and I) find offensive.

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