Je 06.12 ptm 2007.02.25, auliuniv skribis
>On 25 Feb 2007 at 22:50, Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues wrote:
> >
> > Hello! Could you please provide some testimonials? I would like to
> > see
> > some websites where people declare they use Speedwords for
> > personal
> > note taking. It would be very interesting to read about their
> > feelings. :)
>I have a Speedwords site you can find by google.
>There is another done by folks under the Congress group. I'm not 
>sure of the full name. Plus,
>there is Kenneway's posting of Speedword material.

Google will give you 1,320 sites if you Google on "Dutton Speedwords".

Google will give you 32,500,000 sites if you Google on "Esperanto".

Google will give you 29,600,000 sites if you Google on "Occidental". 
Unfortunately, most of these seem to have to do with Occidental 
Petroleum, Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California, and other 
instantiations of the word "Occidental" rather than the language.

(This latter problem extends to Ido and Interlingua as well, though 
not to, for instance, Sasxsek and Ygyde and Neo Patwa and Mulivo and 
... Choose your names unambiguously, guys.)

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