Je 07.30 ptm 2007.02.25, auliuniv skribis
>As Don pointed out, Esperanto gives 32,500,000 on google.
>So, as a thought I tried the names of the creators of the two languages.
>So, what does this mean, if anything?
>Edgar de Wahl 785,000
>LL Zamenhof 124, 000
>If one does just Zamenhof you get 761,000.

Excuse me, Bob, but "Edgar de Wahl" gives 3,120 ("Edgar von Wahl" 
gives another 800). You must have forgotten the necessary quotation 
marks. Without them, you get all sorts of "Edgar"s, "de"s and "Wahl"s 
listed, many of which have nothing to do with Wahl of Occidental.

"L L Zamenhof" gives over 80,000.

When Googling a multi-word entry, be sure to enclose it in quotation 
marks to avoid extraneous returns.

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