A week or so there was a short thread, I believe, about biblical 
translations in auxlangs.

Today the ELNA book service received a package of books from Andre 
Cherpillod, an Esperanto publisher in France. Buried among the books 
received (which included restocks of the Esperanto translation of 
Johann Schmidt's "History of Volapuk", a concise grammar of Volapuk 
for Esperanto speakers, and a Volapuk-Esperanto Esperanto-Volapuk 
dictionary) were three fliers for new books. One was about whales and 
dolphins, another about calendars; but the third, unlike the others, 
was not in Esperanto -- it was a set of translations of the four 
gospels into Volapuk. So it appears that yet another auxlang has some 
biblical translations available.

I'm not sure which version of Volapuk this is, but Cherpillod seems 
to favor the Arie de Jong reformed version, so that's where I'd put 
my money. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered three copies to add to our 
shelves. When they arrive, I'll let this list know, since I suspect 
that this is where the interest will be.

(If anybody with a credit card is interested in the other Volapuk 
books mentioned above, you can find them by going to , going to the 
bottom of the page, and searching on "Volap" -- where you can also 
find Andrew Drummond's novel "Handbook of Volapuk".)

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