On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, auliuniv wrote:

> I find it interestiing that when one "problem" doesn't hold up, then another "personal
> preference" comes in to say "this is a problem" and doesn't look right to me.
> That is not an argument for or against. That is a personal preference.
> The question is: Could you understand the message or not? That is what an auxlang is
> about, communication, not with personal preferences that have nothing to do with the
> structure of a language.
> [...]

I agree with Bob here up to this point, although I am not specifically
addressing Occidental.  Much of the response to Interlingua (or
Occidental, for that matter) seems to be a matter of personal taste or
"pulling" from native languages.  This seems to be particularly true of
L1 Romance speakers when they write Ia.  They seem to try to "pull" the
language in a Romance direction.  I once posted on the INTERLNG list my
comment as to why I think that this "pulling" in the Romance direction
is on the contrary a tactical mistake.  (I am in favor of Latin
particles rather than more modern Romance ones.  I want something other
than mutilated Italian/Spanish/French/Portuguese/whatever.  That is a
large part of the reason why I object to stanmulaikisms such as
'aquelle' and its ilk.)

For whatever it's worth, I find Interlingua "smoother" and more
aesthetically pleasing that Occidental in an entirely subjective
assessment, but I find Occidental just barely slightly easier to read
for unfamiliar material -- except for the life of me I can't figure out
what 'strax' means!

Paul Bartlett