On 25 Feb 2007 at 22:50, Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues wrote:

> Hello! Could you please provide some testimonials? I would like to
> see
> some websites where people declare they use Speedwords for
> personal
> note taking. It would be very interesting to read about their
> feelings. :)

I have a Speedwords site you can find by google.
There is another done by folks under the Congress group. I'm not sure of the full name. Plus, 
there is Kenneway's posting of Speedword material.

The letters I get from people wanting more Speedword material causes me to say the above. 
And, the response to me by Dutton's Sister before she died. i.e. That it would grow faster by 
presenting it as a notetaking system first instead of a language.

So, the people I'm talking about are not interested in a big Internet presence. They just want 
to increase their knowledge for using it as a notetaking system. By default, whether they are 
interested in using Speedwords that way or not, they are using an IAL. Most of them are 
familiar with Teach Yourself DSWs, but have no access to the full manuals on using it as an 
international system.

> > Next, I have this question.
> >
> Why would someone uninterested in a language subscribe to a
> discussion
> list about that language? I couldn't provide a reason for this. I
> think that, if someone is subscribed to a discussion list, it is
> because he is interested in the subject. No?

If they were interested in learning it, one would assume they would practice it since such a list 
is meant for that. But, they don't participate.

> >
> >
> Frankly, in my opinion someone that subscribes fake e-mail
> addresses
> to lists just to inflate numbers is a lunatic. I do not think it
> happens often, if at all. It sounds like a conspiracy theory.

It happens more than most realize. And, it has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory. Isn't 
that just a "copout" to use "conspiracy theory'? To ignore the facts before the eyes because 
someone brings it up has nothing to do with looking for conspiracies.
> I am subscribed to at least four Interlingua lists because I am
> interested in the subject of each list, not because I want to
> inflate
> numbers. I guess it is the same for most (sane) people who are
> subscribed to more than one list.

Do your participate? The ones I'm talking about didn't.

> How a "mute" participant (lurker) of a list can hinder discussions?
> A
> lurker does not add, but also does not subtract.

Well, you may be right. But to have 70 people out of 80 people NOT participate is interesting 
at least. And the other ten posting maybe once every month or so???

[kut]> >
> I think that the number of members in discussion lists by e-mail
> does
> not matter much for the "fina venko" of an auxlang. For the
> language
> to achieve success as the major de facto auxlang, it needs a
> really
> huge community of speakers in the real world, something that not
> even
> the biggest of them (the Esperanto community) has.

Yes, I agree. However, I would suggest that a truly committed small group of folks who are 
doing their best to present their language can do a lot more than one might expect. For 
example, on one of my sites, which is new, and not a language site, has jumped 
tremendously in the "google" ratings just because the extra help keeps the material fresh.

I don't see why that can't and wouldn't translate into a similar interest in an IAL site. Activity 
breeds activity. So, if a list has a "large" number and virtually no activity, it won't grow. 
Perhaps, too many are waiting for the other guy to do it all, when their steady input could 
make all the difference in the world.

Anyway, my point was, the numbers we all throw around are not what they seem to be at first 
appearance. That's all.