That's great. At least, this makes things look more realistic.
Speedwords done the same way gives 240.
However, as I mentioned to Don about the 32 million, there are repeats here of the same 
url's. So, in reality that number is probably more like 50 real sites if repeats aren't counted.

I looked also at the repeats in the numbers you gave below and there are also repeats to the 
same url, just different pages.

So, to be conservative I think it would be safe to half the numbers below and come to a 
closer number of actual sites for each language. Of course, it could even go as low as a 
quarter or less of these numbers.

Anyone want to go through them all to see how many duplicates each has?

On 26 Feb 2007 at 13:32, MacLeod Dave wrote:

[kut]> >
> This might help:
> Ido "constructed language" - 12500
> Esperanto "constructed language" - 27700
> Interlingua "constructed language" - 11700
> Another interesting way is to pick a phrase that appears in the
> languages but not in any others:
> Mi nomine es - 261
> Me nomesas + mea nomo es + mea nomo esas - 123
> Mia nomo estas - 14400
> Not perfectly accurate, but produces more or less similar results
> most
> of the time.