Ah, now you are verifying my numbers. Good.
You still have to take out the multiple hits on the same url.

If for instance one site mentions Dr. Z. ten times and the average is each site also does 10 
mentions, then divide that into the 700,000+ and you come out to 70,000+. Again, I think, a 
better way to get close to the reality of what is going on on the Internet. Don't you?

By the way, your signature below shows two separate url's with an esperanto page. How 
many other folks are doing that too? Plus, how many pages on each url with a different page 
has the word Esperanto one or more times? How many times do you mention Dr. Z. on 
separate pages?

This is not a criticism of Esperanto, Don. This is a question of what are the real facts? That's 

On 25 Feb 2007 at 20:27, Donald J. HARLOW wrote:

> Je 08.08 ptm 2007.02.25, auliuniv skribis
> >Well, excuse me. Did you not happen to read this in my post:????
> >***So, in playing with numbers, the surface appearance is Edgar de
> Wahl wins
> >in numbers over the good Dr.***
> But that wasn't "surface appearance", that was just an error in how
> to Google multi-word expressions.
> Actually, the figure you gave for "Zamenhof" was probably pretty 
> correct. At first I thought it might include Klara Zamenhof, Lidia
> Zamenhof, Stephen Zamenhof, etc., but I googled all those people and
> their numbers were relatively negligible; so I suspect that the Good
> Doctor is really up there in the mid hundreds of thousands.
> -- Don HARLOW
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