Risto Kupsala skribis:

> Dana Nutter wrote:
> > I realize it's very controversial.  Unfortunately too many can't see the
> > practical value of sticking to a single language.
> History has many lessons about this. The period of Russification is still
> painfully remembered in Finland and probably in other non-Russian parts of
> the Russian and later the Soviet empire.

I agree with Risto. Ukraine still suffers from linguistic problems caused by
long time exposure to Russian in its eastern part and Polish in its western
part. It's especially true when the today's authorities insist on the
official status only for Ukrainian, while perhaps a half of population has a
different mother tongue.

A_propos, I am shocked with Dana's "Highlander"-styled statements as
concerns ethnic languages. They are not only means of communication, they
are cultural tools. Will the adoption of The Language make me unable to read
Pushkin and Shevchenko, to say nothing about the Pentateuch or Likutei
Amarim? Will then my mindset be framed by the globalistic mass culture of
the day? "Shakespear - who the hell is this guy?"

-- Yitzik (angry)