On 2/22/07, Dave Rutan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Todd Moody wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 10:26 pm, Dave Rutan wrote:
>> Anyone remember a simple program that simulated a psychologist?  I
>> translated a BASIC version of that too.  Can't seem to even find it on
>> the internet anymore.
> That would be ELIZA.
> Todd Moody

I've googled Eliza.  The program was also called such things as DOCTOR,
Dr. Eliza, etc. I cannot find anything resembling the old ELIZA program
that could be altered.  It might be that either it's too old-fashioned
or something better has come along which I can't find.

Yes, ELIZA was Joseph Weizenbaum's original program, from the 1960s, and I guess it had a number of incarnations in MS-DOS and CP/M as DOCTOR and other things.  Antonielly mentioned ALICE, at http://alicebot.org, by Richard Wallace.  Inspired by ELIZA, Wallace developed the AIML system for writing so-called "chatbots," so the possibility exists to create one that speaks Esperanto or any other language.  It's a lot of work, of course.

Another chatbot, that works along very different lines, is http://jabberwacky.com.  This one already knows a bit of Esperanto, and many other languages, since it learns from its interlocutors.


PS (Todd is the 'other' fellow I remember from Compuserve days on FLEFO.)

Wow...a blast from the past!