The excerpt below is from a book I've been dipping
into recently, I came across this passage by chance. 
It concerns the relationships between language
planning, evolution and consciousness.  McKenna's
ideas are, as ever, controversial and interesting. 
McClen is the interviewer for Critique magazine:

Rebecca McClen:  It seems that human language is
evolving at a much slower
rate than is the ability of human consciousness to
navigate more complex
and more profound levels of reality.  How do you see
language developing
and evolving so as to become a more sensitive
transceiving device for
sharing conscious experience?

Terence McKenna:  Actually, consiousness can't evolve
any faster than
language.  The rate at which language evolves
determines how fast
consciousness evolves; otherwise you're just lost in
what Wittgenstein
called the unspeakable.  You can feel it, but you
can't speak of it, so it's
an entirely private reality.  Notice how we have very
few words for
emotions?  I love you, I hate you, and then basically
we run a dial between
those.  I love you a lot, I hate you a lot.

RM:  How do you feel?  Fine.

TM:  Yes, how do you feel, fine; and yet we have
thousands and thousands of
words about rugs, and widgets, and this and that, so
we need to create a
much richer language of emotion.  There are times -
and this would be a
great study for somebody to do - there have been
periods in English when
there were emotions that don't exist anymore, because
the words have been
lost.  This is getting very close to this business of
how reality is made
by language.  Can we recover a lost emotion by
creating a word for it?
There are colors that don't exist anymore because the
words have been lost.
I'm thinking of the word "jacinth".  This is a certain
kind of orange.
Once you know the word "jacinth", you can always
recognize it, but if you
don't have it, all you can say is it's a little darker
orange than something
else.  We've never tried to consciously evolve our
language, we've just let
it evolve, but now we have this level of awareness,
and this level of
cultural need where we really must plan where the new
words should be generated.
There are areas where words should be gotten rid of
that empower political
wrong thinking.  The propagandists for the fascists
already understand this;
they understand that if you make something unsayable,
you make it
unthinkable.  So it doesn't plague you any more.  So
planned evolution of
language is the way to speed it toward expressing the
frontier of

Terence McKenna, interview in 'Critique', summer 1989
In Terence McKenna, 'The Archaic Revival', 1991 HarperSanFrancisco

Kordiale, James Chandler
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