li [Rex May] mi tulis la

> I have to jump in here to point out that you can't sanely appreciate
> cultural diversity.  You have to be more specific.  There are cultures
> on Earth, past ones and present ones, that would nauseate you.

Yes, and while we are nauseated, those in that particular community
consider it normal.

> And, as has been said elsewhere, Europe has had European culture
> for a long time, made up of relatively small subcultures we call
> French, Norwegian, Greek, etc.  There are lots of cultures that are
> incompatible with European culture, and all the diversity appreciation
> in the world won't change that.
> Actually the value of *tolerance* is an element of European
> culture.  You don't find much of it in most cultures.  You'll find
> reluctant truces here and there, but not much tolerance the
> way you mean it.

Well there is a bigger element here too.  Religion is often at the root
of many cultures too.  European and Western cultures are mainly
compatible because they are all derived from Christian tradition and
values.  It doesn't matter if you subscribe to the Christian philosophy
or not, it's legacy still evident.