Okay, we've established that there is such a thing as objective truth, and that there are 
cultural practices that are bad, and should be eliminated.  

I wasn't being prudent when I said "in that aspect"  I was being precise, BTW.

Now, when you say "We could discard the cannibalistic practice," you make it sound very 
easy, as tho cannibalism is a passing fad, like zoot suits, that you can just drop from a 
culture and you'd still have that culture intact.  Hardly.  Cannibalism was fundamental, 
apparently, to Aztec religion, and when you wipe out a culture's religion you pretty much 
wipe out the culture, if 'culture' means anything at all.  Knowledge of herbs isn't nearly as 
fundamental as religion.

And the decision _was_ made to eradicate Nazi culture, and it is still being eradicated.  
And the larger, German culture has been modified fundamentally in the process.

I think you're all bristling at the implication that some cultures are superior to others 
because you're taking it as being equivalent to saying that some -people- are superior to 
others, and that's anti-PC.  Well, it's not equivalent.  Cultures are constantly being wiped 
out and replaced by other cultures, and the people remain the same people!

And how is my line of thought odd?  That I'm not a knee-jerk multiculturalist?  Sorry.  It 
just seems -so- easy to go the Principal Skinner route and say, "I'm not allowed to have 
opinions anymore. All I know is that no one is better at anything than anyone else and 
everyone is the best at everything."  But I don't think that's true, with people or with