li [Rex May] mi tulis la

> Cannibalism is an integral part of some cultures.  If you eliminate
> the cannibalism, you've changed the culture to the point where it's
> a new culture  retaining other elements doesn't really change that.

Precisely.  Changing a culture in such a fundamental way results in a
new culture.

> This is a little semantic.  When Aztec religion was eliminated, Aztec
> culture was changed so much that it was no longer the same thing.

Yes, exactly.  Mexican culture is not Aztec culture, nor is it Spanish
culture (despite the language).  It is a completely new culture that
came about at the result of the clash of the two.   

> ...

> Anyhow, my problem is that I see a danger in promiscuous
> tolerance.  Acceptance of foreign cultures should be 
> something to consider carefully, not to automatically
> label a good thing in itself.  Like most Westerners, I'm
> biased towards tolerance, which I think is the proper
> attitude, but, like all good ideas, it can be taken to
> counterproductive extremes.

That's just it.  As I put it before, I'm not for killing off these other
languages but I see no point in putting them on life support either.  We
just need to choose languages to use for common good and promote them,
then let nature take it's course with the rest.  If that means they fade
away like so many others, then so be it.