li [Dave Rutan] mi tulis la

> Hmm.  I almost hate to ask this, because of the 'discussions' 
> which may 
> erupt....  BUT for a wee project I'm working on, I was wondering -IF- 
> there's a consensus on what are currently the top Three 
> Auxlangs in the 
> world.
> By that I mean, I suppose, which three auxlangs have the most 
> speakers and body of literature?

For a question like this all I can do is make a semi-educated guess based on observation and no hard data.

	1.	Esperanto	(I don't think this one could be disputed)

	2.	Interlingua
	3.	Ido

Maybe 2 & 3 are reversed but I really can't think of any other contenders that could come close.  I've seen E-o estimates as small as 200,000 and as big as 10,000,000.  Most estimates of I-a and Ido I've seen seem to indicate numbers barely in the 4-digit range. 

I think an interesting poll would be to gather up a list of conlangs (auxlang or not) that actually have a speaking community (2 or more regular *users*) of any type, or any type of literature beyond just samples like the UDHR, Pater Noster or Babel text.  There are lots of conlangs and auxlang proposals out there but how many actually get any use?