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> By that I mean, I suppose, which three auxlangs have
> the most speakers 
> and body of literature?
> Thanks,
> Dave Rutan

Just a thought, but I have some doubt about the
methodology. The number of speakers seems like a very
good measure, but I'm more dubious about the body of
literature part. Several of the languages that I am
most interested in as interlanguages are Sabir (the
original Lingua Franca) and South Seas Jargon or
Chinese English Pidgin. But neither of them have any
body of literature, really, because they were
primarily spoken languages. In fact, I'm not sure if a
big body of literature is a positive or negative
thing. It would seem, to me, to lead to the danger of
solidifying the language into something with "rights"
and "wrongs" like a national language. Although this
might be difficult, I almost think it would be best
for a language designer to resist the creation of a
solid body of literature and just use the language for

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