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>A week or so there was a short thread, I believe, about biblical
>translations in auxlangs.
>Today the ELNA book service received a package of books from Andre
>Cherpillod, an Esperanto publisher in France. Buried among the books
>received (which included restocks of the Esperanto translation of
>Johann Schmidt's "History of Volapuk", a concise grammar of Volapuk
>for Esperanto speakers, and a Volapuk-Esperanto Esperanto-Volapuk
>dictionary) were three fliers for new books. One was about whales and
>dolphins, another about calendars; but the third, unlike the others,
>was not in Esperanto -- it was a set of translations of the four
>gospels into Volapuk. So it appears that yet another auxlang has some
>biblical translations available.
>I'm not sure which version of Volapuk this is, but Cherpillod seems
>to favor the Arie de Jong reformed version, so that's where I'd put
>my money. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered three copies to add to our
>shelves. When they arrive, I'll let this list know, since I suspect
>that this is where the interest will be.

For those with an insatiable desire to read the whole New Testament in V2 (as 
I sometimes call it), try

(I prefer V1 myself.)


>(If anybody with a credit card is interested in the other Volapuk
>books mentioned above, you can find them by going to
> , going to the
>bottom of the page, and searching on "Volap" -- where you can also
>find Andrew Drummond's novel "Handbook of Volapuk".)
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