I find it interestiing that when one "problem" doesn't hold up, then another "personal 
preference" comes in to say "this is a problem" and doesn't look right to me.

That is not an argument for or against. That is a personal preference.

The question is: Could you understand the message or not? That is what an auxlang is 
about, communication, not with personal preferences that have nothing to do with the 
structure of a language.

"Well, I don't like it" is not a rebuttal to Occidental and how it works. It works quite well. And, 
frankly, better than most.

Perhaps something more substantial in rebuttal to Occidental would be better.

Occidental, by the way, as far as I can find out, is the only language of its kind that was 
developed by a person fluent in 12 languages, plus knew Volap√ľk, Ido, Esperanto, and 
others. Also, by a man who wrote for several different jurnales produced by folks of different 

He also took 30 years of research before releasing the language versus others done in 
months to a very few years before release.

And, more.

I'd like to hear and/or read a critique of Occidental by someone today with an equivalent 
experience behind their comments.