I know this subject has been up here before, but I couldn't find
anything of substance in the archives.

I'm coming to the point of finishing up a book manuscript that was
written in TEI (P4). They want the manuscript in MS-Word, which is not
much of a problem, since I've got a style sheet that goes most of the
way producing an HTML document, which I just save as *.doc.

I'm going to have to do an index for the book, and I'm mulling over
strategies. I am guessing now that I will probably use the <index> tag
and generate the attributes with XSL, and then write a Word macro to
pick these up and index them with Word's indexing system. Basically, it
doesn't seem too hard, but if anyone has done this sort of thing and has
a useful tip or two, I'd be delighted to hear it before I start.



Charles Muller
Toyo Gakuen University