I am glad to announce a new release of TEI P5, 0.6.

This  begins the process of moving towards a final release
in time for the TEI members meeting in November, and
there will probably be several more releases between
then and now. The final technical freeze is currently scheduled
for around June.

Those who have been using P5 with their own customizations
should regenerate schemas, as there have been quite a few
internal changes. Some existing .odd files may fail, as some
datatypes have been removed, so ask straightaway if you
have any problems.

The release is:

 * on Sourceforge, in the file release area
 * on, expanded in the release/ tree
 * as Debian/Ubuntu packages from
 * built into Roma at

I will build a new live CD shortly.

The README from the editors follows:

This (somewhat delayed) release contains a large number of
      minor changes, many of them consequent on a purge of outstanding
      Sourceforge feature requests.

*I18N work has continued: Japanese and Chinese translations for many
element descriptions were merged in, and the file organization was

*A number of utilities were introduced to streamline the
editorial process, including a tool for producing a linked catalogue of 
all TEI objects
(elements, classes, etc.)

*A major headache in  the way that the content models for high
level objects (all kinds of <gi>div</gi>, <gi>body</gi> etc.) are
defined was  addressed. This made it possible for a schema to
select either numbered or vanilla div elements without causing

*The low-level component elements of <gi>date</gi> and
<gi>time</gi> (<gi>day</gi>, <gi>hour</gi> etc.) were

*The <gi>dateRange</gi> and <gi>timeRange</gi> elements were
removed; the <gi>date</gi> and <gi>time</gi> elements were added to
<name type="class">att.datable</name> in order to accomodate encoding
of temporal ranges.

*The P5 source was reorganized and restructured very slightly,
and also revised to use vanilla <gi>div</gi>s (as opposed to numbered

*Many long-standing feature requests were dealt with.Examples
  *<gi>roleDesc</gi> within <gi>castGroup</gi>
  *adding new <gi>email</gi> and <gi>stamp</gi> elements
  *making <gi>note</gi> globally available
  *making the <att>label</att> attributes of elements for encoding trees 
and graphs
    (<gi>tree</gi>, <gi>eTree</gi>, etc.) into child elements
  *making <gi>quote</gi> available rather than <gi>q</gi> within 
  *creating a new class <name type="class">att.msExcerpt</name> for the 
    *changing <att>ink</att> of <gi>hand</gi> and <gi>handShift</gi> and 
    of <gi>handNote</gi> to data.enumerated.

*The tools and stylesheets used to produce HTML version of the
Guidelines were enhanced.

*The content modelm for <gi>front</gi> was modified to  permit
titlepages and divisions in any order

*A number of datatype changes were implemented, consequent on a
decision to change  the way that multiple attribute values are
specified in ODD

*The class <name type="class">model.divPart.spoken</name> was
redefined as a child of <name type="class">model.inter</name> in order
to fix a long-standing bug

*Some minor typographic errors have been corrected.
In addition, a project plan to enable a first release of P5 1.0 at the 
Meeting 2007 was developed, and a tracking system for use of the Council and
Editors was set up.

Sebastian Rahtz      
Information Manager, Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN. Phone +44 1865 283431

OSS Watch: JISC Open Source Advisory Service