As we start the countdown to publication of release 1.0 of TEI P5, it's 
nice to be able to report that we are still hoping to include some NEW 
features in this release as well as fixes and general tidying up.

At its last meeting, the TEI council reviewed two sets of proposals from 
a recent workgroup meeting concerned with progressing the work already 
started on revising the chapter about names of persons and places. One 
set related to ways of encoding information about names pure and simple 
--  not the form of a name, not the thing named, but the name itself. If 
you're into onomastics, you'll want to hear more. The other related to 
ways of encoding information  about places -- real places, not their 
names, or references to them. If you want to tie your TEI texts into 
your GIS, then you'll want to hear more about that.

Because both sets of proposals are only preliminary, and because there 
is so little work time left before we have to freeze the content of P5, 
the Council felt that a wider discussion of these proposals  should 
begin as soon as possible. I've therefore now posted the draft for a new 
section to go into the existing chapter on names at -- please take a look (even if 
you're not an onomastical person) and post your comments here.

The draft proposals about places will follow in a day or so -- they need 
a bit more work.