Dear all,

I've just been asked to revitalise and chair the Manuscripts SIG. I've 
got some ideas and proposals for it, but before advancing them I would 
like to hear what people expectations are and their suggestions. Please 
send emails to me or to the TEI-MS list ([log in to unmask]).

Nevertheless, the forthcoming TEI meeting call for papers seems to be a 
good opportunity not to be missed and as the deadline is really soon, I 
advance the proposal for a panel on manuscripts (3 papers of 30 minutes 
each: see Sebastian email of the 08/03/2007) on my own initiative. I 
suggest that the formula of a working paper session (with pre-circulated 
papers) could suit the need of discussion and sharing ideas.

In the last TEI meeting many people seemed interested in this SIG and 
complained about its absence so I hope that this announcement may rise 
much interest. The topics I envisage are:

* genetic editions of draft manuscripts
* encoding of fragments, substitutions, variation
* text/images relations and interactions
* topographical information
* encoding of correspondence
* ...

Please send a title and a 500 words abstract and contact details to 
Elena Pierazzo (details below) by 30 March. Please feel free to contact 
me for any details or suggestion about both the panel and the SIG.


Elena Pierazzo
Associate Researcher
Centre for Computing in the Humanities
King's College London
Kay House 
7 Arundel St
London WC2R 3DX

Phone: 0207-848-1949
Fax: 0207-848-2980