Hi there,

This situation is difficult because your separate lines are neither part 
of a larger paragraph (they may be formatted or aligned differently from 
each other) nor are they individual paragraphs, in the normal sense. One 
option might be to use the <ab> (anonymous block) tag:

<ab> (anonymous block) (contains any arbitrary component-level unit of 
text, acting as an anonymous container for phrase or inter level 
elements analogous to, but without the semantic baggage of, a paragraph.)


Joshua Hutchinson wrote:
> Typically, when I am concerned with retaining title page formatting, I
> use the normal tags (like <titlePage> <docTitle> etc) but add <lb />
> to force linebreaks in the final output.
> I often feel guilty that I am doing something "shady" with the TEI
> markup, but I've never come up with a better way.  ;)
> Josh
> On 3/21/07, Patrik Nyman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Title pages in books are often laboriously formatted. In order
>> to be able to reproduce this formatting, I see no other alternative
>> than marking every line of text independendtly. But what element
>> should be used? I can find nothing in the Guidelines which seems
>> to fit. The following is an example of what I mean, with the
>> imaginary element <line>.
>> <titlePage>
>>   <docTitle>
>>     <line n="1">PEHR KALMS</line>
>>     <line n="2">Mag. Doc. in Hist. Nat. &amp; Oecon. vid Åbo</line>
>>     <line n="3">Academie, samt Ledamots af Kongl.</line>
>>     <line n="4">Svenska Wetenskaps Academien</line>
>>     <line n="5">WÄSTGÖTHA</line>
>>     <line n="6">Och</line>
>>     <line n="7">BAHUSLÄND-</line>
>>     <line n="8">SKA RESA</line>
>>     <line n="9">Förrättad</line>
>>     <line n="10">År 1742.</line>
>>     <line n="11">Med Anmärkningar uti Historia Na-</line>
>>     <line n="12">turali, Physique, Medicine, Oeconomie,</line>
>>     <line n="13">Antiquiteter etc.</line>
>>     <line n="14">Jemte nödige Figurer.</line>
>>   </docTitle>
>>   <docImprint>
>>     <line n="15">STOCKHOLM.</line>
>>     <line n="16">Trykt hos <name>Lars Salvius</name></line>
>>     <line n="17">På des egen kostnad <docDate>1746</docDate>.</line>
>>   </docImprint>
>> </titlePage>
>> Any suggestions?
>> Patrik Nyman
>> 463 44 12
>> 0736 25 86 67