Markup Analysis Project - news on progress

Dear Colleagues
A quick note from Sydney and the Markup Analysis Project. First thanks
to all those who have responded so far. To date 29 text centres (or
similar organisations and individuals) have agreed to participate in the
study and this is a good response rate for us. Nearly all participants
have returned the survey questionnaire and a large majority have also
submitted encoded text files supported by dtd's and related files for
markup analysis. Across the project texts representing a remarkable
diversity of organisations, geography, history, languages and culture
have been contributed. Its a valuable insight into the role of TEI in
making these works accessible.

We'd like to encourage all participants still intending to contribute
texts that are outstanding to do so as soon as you can and encourage all
others who may still be interested in joining this study to please do so
at the first opportunity. It would be great to get that 30th participant
on board. 

The MAP study will need to end receipt of text files and questionnaires
at the end of next week so we can commence our steps for analysis and
prepare to undertake interviews with participants as soon as we can. We
consider the final stage of data collection in the study -speaking to
participants- an essential one, that will allow for qualitative
responses not possible through questionnaire or automated markup
analysis. Its going to be a little tricky to coordinate from Australia
but we will be in touch with all participants and coordinate calls to
you from our end, and hope many of you will be able to join in.


Paul Scifleet
Research Coordinator
Markup Analysis Project
Information Policy & Practice Research Group
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