>> Roma does not seem to accept new modules or new  classes definitions 
>> in an ODD document. Is it a design choice (list of  modules and 
>> classes is closed and not subject to customization) or a  current 
>> limitation of the application?

> Adding new classes is regarded as an "expert" topic, so not covered 
> by  Roma. You have to edit the ODD file by hand

Once edited by hand, it seems as if it is partialy supported in the 
schema-generation side of Roma.

If I create by hand a new classSpec[@type='atts], populated with two 
attributes, and use this class in a memberOf element in the elementSpec 
of a completly new element, the generated compact RelaxNG schema 
declare this new class of attributes in the grammar

att.foobar.attributes =
  att.foobar.attribute.fooXORbar, att.foobar.attribute.fooORbar, empty


But does not include this attributes in the element'attribute list.

> Adding new modules is a whole extra step harder. Can you give an example
> of what you need to do?

I have no precise exemple in mind; adding new modules may concern 
perhaps only very rare cases, adding new attribute classes may perhaps 
be more common (for instance, grouping attributs interesting the 
wiki2tei translation in an attribute class, and allowing them on 
several elements).

I was curious to ask because the extend of the allowed TEI 
customization is deeply enlarged if even new modules and classes may be 
defined in a conformant way.

Sylvain Loiseau
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On peut pratiquer objectivement, c'est-à-dire impartialement,
une recherche dont l'objet ne peut être conçu et construit
sans rapport à une qualification positive et négative, dont
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Canguilhem, /Le normal et le pathologique/, p. 157

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