li [Rex May] mi tulis la

> "Na" is a proposed preposition that would replace the 
> accusative, either all the time or in 
> cases of non SVO order.

That's good and bad.  It's good in that the use of a preposition is more
consistent with the their use for the genetive, dative, etc.  It's bad
because it probably wouldn't be completely seamless even though it's a
very minor change.

> Mi havas libro = na libro mi havas

Except I can see some people doing both though it really wouldn't harm

	na libron mi havas.

FWIW: Sasxsek uses a preposition too to be consistent with the rest of
the structure.

	u kitab mo hav = mo hav kitab.

> Sticking to RA possibilities, I'm wondering if a supplemental 
> set of more redundant pronouns could be introduced?

> mi doesn't change
> tu is added as an alternative to vi
> lo is added as a nonsex 3d person
> mitu and milo are allowed as a substitute for ni

I see no reason to change "vi" but having a gender-neutral 3rd person
would be nice (it would be nice to have one in English too).  I suppose
"li" could be used for everything.  "ni" doesn't really bother me much
either because there's always the option of "mi kaj vi" and "mi kaj ili"
to specify exclusivity though a shortcut would be nice to have.  I'd be
more likely to change "ili".  It would have been nice to have used
something other than "-i" for pronouns, then the plurals could have been
formed with "-j" like everything else. Regardless, about the only change
that I could see as being seamless would be an epicene pronoun.  

That does bring up another RA possibility.  Adding a male counterpart to
the "-in" suffix.