Going a little further with this, I can see the Vs endings replacing the Vnt endings, and, 
then, the Vt endings being promoted to a set of verb endings on their own, indicating the 

Mi estas frapata > Mi frapat

in short, they become POS endings instead of just endings.  The big paradigm shift in this 
is that you can add a POS ending after another.

frapas to frapasa to frapase.

As for timeless, I've certainly thought about that too, and assuming that we try to be neat 
about it, the only vowel left is e.

li dormas - he is sleeping
li dormes - he sleeps (time not specified)

And this stuff all qualifies for what we were talking about before  I forget what we 
called it, but a 'reform' that can be implimented without really interfering with classical 
Eo, just adding stuff on to it.

The only assymetry I've discovered so far is that you can make an imperative with -u 
without retaining the -as, but to make a passive imperative you have to have -atu.