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> Very nice, Jens! Question: what are the
> capitalisation rules for Neo
> Patwa? I had thought, for some reason, that you were
> going to use
> initial capital letters only to mark names, but it
> looks like you are
> also using them to mark the first word of a
> sentence. --larry

Thanks for the compliment. About the capitalization,
to be very honest it's not something that I worry
about very much. I put capitals at the beginning of
sentences because it's my habit from English and other
languages. Now, this may strike some as overly
tolerant, but in reality I'm not even going to insist
that NP can only be written in roman letters. If
people want to use Cyrillic or Arabic script, I don't
see anything wrong with it (supposing, for example,
that it's used between Arabic and Persian and Urdu
speakers). For wide international communication, Roman
letters are the most universally recognized, I think,
but I think I want to avoid making rules on
typographical conventions like capitalization, what
kinds of quotation marks to use, whether there should
be a space before a question mark, etc. I think there
is a real use in capitalizing proper nouns, just to
let the reader know they are proper nouns. But
capitalization at the beginning of a sentence is just
a convention, because the period tells you it's the
beginning of a sentence. 

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa language:

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