Je 04.51 atm 2007.04.02, James CHANDLER skribis

>Is it just me, or did anyone else notice a distinct
>lack of posts from Thomas and Steve while Bob Petry
>was (briefly) active on this list?  Yet as soon as Bob
>announced his departure (within hours IIRC) they were
>both on his case (or that of Occidental-Interlingue),
>but by that time it was too late for Bob to respond.
>I dislike this tactic of waiting for the opposition to
>die down before taking up the cudgels.  To quote Han
>Solo: "I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking
>around".  Why can't the Espists fight fair?

As Thomas, at least, pointed out, he hasn't been following this list, 
he is aware that auliuniv has unsubscribed, and he cc'ed 
[log in to unmask] (see the X-cc header in the message) on his 
posting so that Bob would have a chance to answer. Not, in my 
experience, that Bob is likely to, since he rarely did respond to 
direct questions when he was subscribed.

And if you're referring to Steve Rice, the only posting he's made 
since Bob's unsubscription is not something that Bob would need to 
answer anyway (comment on available Ido and Occidental materials 
on-line and on short lesson in Occidental also available).

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