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>On Mon, 2 Apr 2007 04:51:28 -0700, James Chandler <[log in to unmask]>
> >I dislike this tactic of waiting for the opposition to
> >die down before taking up the cudgels.  To quote Han
> >Solo: "I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking
> >around".  Why can't the Espists fight fair?
>Well, at least we have finally resolved the age-old question of how many
>Esperantists there are: the answer is two (Thomas and I). What will Harlow do
>now that his imposture has been revealed? Yes, I admit it: the two of us have
>been writing all the Eo books over the years, and I personally do 
>all the voices
>on Radio Poland.

Barbara Pietrzak, how you've changed! ;-)

>This must be true, because the alternative is that you have somehow
>generalized the (inaccurately interpreted) actions of two people to exemplify
>the deeds and intents of perhaps two million. (Up next: Why all Black people
>really DO tap dance!)

I wouldn't be too hard on James for this; he's simply practicing what 
seems to be a normal human logical fallacy, that of tarring an entire 
group with a brush dipped into one person's paint. I can easily 
remember a time, around eight years ago, when I couldn't turn on the 
TV without stumbling over a melodrama in which "The Serbs", taking 
time out from torturing prisoners and ethnically cleansing their 
neighbors, were acquiring uranium to build bombs to destroy the 
innocent West. (*)

(The Serbs spring to my mind today because, when I got home from 
work, I found that the mailman had delivered my copy of the thick, 
bound and attractive 499-page book "Antologio de la serba poezio 
(1200-2000)". (**) One wonders how The Serbs, who spend so much time 
torturing prisoners, ethnically cleansing their neighbors, and 
building nuclear weapons, could find time to write so much poetry ...)


(*) Hard to remember that, a couple of global conflagrations ago, the 
Serbs were among our most trustworthy and trusted allies. See e.g. 
the second half of Edgar Rice Burroughs's "Prisoner of Zenda" 
pastiche "The Mad King", easily available through Project Gutenberg.

(**) Was this book by you or Thomas? In other words, which of you is 
moonlighting as Srdj Arandjelovic?

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