li [Jens Wilkinson] mi tulis la

> But in any case, the idea of metaphors is important
> because, as Dana says, it can help reduce vocabulary.
> In Neo Patwa I use a lot of things like "grasp =
> understand" or "floor = bottom". 

The reason I'd like to find more on this though is there is a
point where something could be more idiomatic and lose it's
intutive meaning.

I've had some ideas for metaphorical usage but am still leary
about them because they may not translate well across cultures.
One example I came up with is "mind take" for "understand".  I
got the idea by making a variation of the common Western term
"comprehend" (with+take) but how well do these forms play to an
Eastern audience?  

"bottom" for floor isn't too bad, but does it mean the floor
itself, or the bottom surface under the floor?  What would you
call the subfloor? This is what I mean about possible
misunderstandings.  I'm trying hard to make the semantic scope
as clear as possible in the Sasxsek dictionary.  I do have terms
like "hupxsak" (over+wall) for "ceiling".