Todd skripted:

>When I see those usages of the accusative, I "fill
in" a plausible implied predicate without thinking
about it much.  In this case it is, as you say,
obvious.  I'm sure there must be cases where the
context is so thin that it's hard to figure out what
is meant.

You guys really don't get sarcasm, do you.  In fact
Don's putative elided verb "eksporti" was not obvious
to me at all.  My mind got as far as "FROM our local
culture", but then that seemed the direct opposite of
the use I knew about for -n, which is "to(wards)"!  It
is true that sometimes things are elided in language
use, but could this be a case where the secondary use
of -n in Esp (the primary being the mandatory
accusative) encourages over-elision to the point of

Kordiale, James Chandler
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