Steve skripted:

>You should go over the archives sometime. He bailed
on Ido because the 
Authorities wouldn't approve neologisms fast enough
and he was gagging on 
asterisks, which I think are made from recycled daft

Nice idea, Steve, you might even be right.  I'm all
into recycling these days, anyhow.  I would be happy
for anyone to go over the archives and I stand by
everything I said on the Ido forums and my decision to
"bail" (your word).  The issue was that Ido is not
allowed to have a word for "computer", I don't know
why, you'll have to ask the Idists.  I tried for ten
years to get them to add one, ten years using a
computer (primarily, at least) to read and write,
sometimes even speak and listen to Ido, but still I'm
not allowed an official word for that indispensible
tool, and have to write komputoro* or komputilo* if I
want to talk about it.  I don't understand why Ido is
not allowed to have a word for this concept and until
this situation is rectified I have no intention of
being an Idist.

>Someof us pointed 
out that Eo's official additions aren't very frequent
either and suggested that 
he simply ignore the asterisk convention and use
whatever word was 
necessary. No luck.

It may not be entirely to do with the frequency of
additions.  The blatant fact is that Ido needs to join
the modern world, it also needs a central organisation
that does something for the movement as opposed to
nothing.  The Espists may be happy with the frequency
of vocab updates, but the fact is that Esp does seem
to have entered the 21st century, Ido has not and no
longer even seems to have the mechanisms to do so.

Kordiale, James Chandler
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