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> So as a challenge to Idists: get rid of the
> asterisks already and act as if you're 
> using a real language! 

This is really a question more than a criticism (well,
it might be a criticism depending on the answer, but
I'm not prejudiced one way or the other; I really have
no idea). Is James' attitude about neologisms a common
feature of Idists, or is it just his own stance? Like
you, I never mark neologisms in English (I may use
quotations and offer a definition if it seems
necessary), but just because something isn't in
Webster's doesn't mean I'll mark it. So I don't see
why people would feel the necessity to do it in an

So clearly, *if* it's not a common attitude of Idists,
but just James Chandler, then I'd accuse you of using
a brush to paint... But I really don't know if it is
something special about Idists. 

* Incidentally, I wasn't sure if "Idists" was in the
dictionary, so I looked it up, and according to
Webster, it's supposed to be "Idoists". True? 

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa language:

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