> The language was Aymara.

I guess I'm not so lazy.  I just read a bunch of
articles, including this one:,13026,1423455,00.html

This one makes several references to the same Lakoff
I mentioned.

I particularly like this quote:

> Ask any randomly selected group of English speakers
> to answer this question: if a meeting scheduled for
> Wednesday is moved forward two days, what day will
> it fall on? "More or less 50% of the people will
> say Friday, and 50% will say Monday," says Nez.
> The word "moved" allows the ambiguity that the
> meeting is either being moved forward in time,
> meaning it will happen later, or being brought
> closer in time to the person.

Unfortunatly, this doesn't explain Aymara, who for
whatever reason seem to prefer to imagine that they
are sitting on a log over a river watching events flow
downstream rather than looking forward at what is
coming, or actively walking toward it.

Amike salutas,
Thomas/Tomaso ALEXANDER.
---Anything below this line is not from Thomas ---

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