I'm sorry.

	And hello all. :-) Now, I know this is not your ordinary e-mail 
opening, but I just had to start it like that. I know this has been 
discussed to utter exhaustion on this list over the past years, but 
well... recently, VEJA (a well-known Brazilian magazine) published a 
story on the Pirahăs - actually it's supposed to come out tomorrow, on 
April 18th, but since I'm a subscriber they send out issues earlier. For 
those of you interested (if you have researched on the language or on 
the tribe already, there is probably nothing really new to see), I have 
translated the story (Portuguese > English) and uploaded it for all to 
see (after all, it _is_ interesting - and quite hard to conceive, at times).

	I'm sending this to the list because, although off-topic (it's not a 
conlang, after all) lots of people were very skeptical, to the point 
where they could not even believe such a language existed (no offense 
intended here, obviously). All I'm saying is I thought it'd be 
interesting to share the information with everyone. :-)

This is the URL:

	And that's pretty much it.

Ken :-)