We are encoding a set of manuscripts and notebooks containing various 
poems and prose items.  We plan to use the "double encoding" technique 
(P4 Section 31.5), so as to represent both physical sources and logical 
works correctly.

We are therefore interested in being able to mark up physical 
characteristics of our physical sources: page size, materials, etc. 
Section 18.4 of P4 sends us off with a wave of the hand to do our own 
thing; has anyone else tackled this issue?

In particular, we are interested in being able to indicate the placement 
of our logical works on our physical sources, using some sort of 
co-ordinate system.  Might this be a job for Feature Structures?  Or 
some other TEI mechanism?

All advice gratefully received ...

Richard Light
Richard Light
SGML/XML and Museum Information Consultancy
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