Dear Richard,

the TEI wiki seems to feature some group activity on this under the SIG 
heading, though it does not seem to be an SIG, yet. 

I would be quite keen to take this forward, since we - the Codex Sinaiticus 
Project - are linking transcribed words to the field they occupy on a master 
image. We do this, at the moment, via a third file that maps word id to 
co-ordinates. I am still looking for either an existing standard (METS 
offers some possibilities) or, more specifically and even better, for ways 
to customise and use TEI. It seems to me quite straight forward on the 
surface, but more tricky, once one considers further ramifications - 
absolute co-ordinates vs. vectors etc. - and the fact that a set of more 
general guidelines, beyond project-internal solutions would be desirable.

Anyone else doing work on this?


Dr Juan Garc├ęs
Curator, Codex Sinaiticus Project

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>Subject: Physical characteristics of primary sources
>Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 11:30:24 +0100
>We are encoding a set of manuscripts and notebooks containing various poems 
>and prose items.  We plan to use the "double encoding" technique (P4 
>Section 31.5), so as to represent both physical sources and logical works 
>We are therefore interested in being able to mark up physical 
>characteristics of our physical sources: page size, materials, etc. Section 
>18.4 of P4 sends us off with a wave of the hand to do our own thing; has 
>anyone else tackled this issue?
>In particular, we are interested in being able to indicate the placement of 
>our logical works on our physical sources, using some sort of co-ordinate 
>system.  Might this be a job for Feature Structures?  Or some other TEI 
>All advice gratefully received ...
>Richard Light
>Richard Light
>SGML/XML and Museum Information Consultancy
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