I was puzzled when I noticed my DTDs not validating anymore even after
tiny modifications, and it looks like that may have to do with the new
version of Roma, perhaps. I include two validating problems below, where
it looks like the brackets that used to wrap the dummy content leave
behind the occurrence indicators when they disappear. I'm not sure if I
messed with the content model too much (I definitely tried not to) and
it shows only now, or maybe some fix in Roma is in order.




<!ELEMENT back ((_DUMMY_model.frontPart |; |
%model.divWrapper;)*,(((%model.divLike;),(; |
_DUMMY_model.frontPart)*)+ | (_DUMMY_model.div1Like,(; |

after (note the '*+' at the end):

<!ELEMENT back ((; |
%model.divWrapper;)*,(((%model.divLike;),(;)*)+ |

and again, before:

<!ELEMENT body ((;)*,((%model.divWrapper;),(;
| %model.divWrapper;)*)?,(_DUMMY_model.divGenLike,(; |
_DUMMY_model.divGenLike)*)?,(((%model.divLike;),(; |
_DUMMY_model.divGenLike)*)+ | (_DUMMY_model.div1Like,(; |
_DUMMY_model.divGenLike)*)+ |
| _DUMMY_model.divGenLike)*)+ | (_DUMMY_model.div1Like,(; |

and after (in a few places, '*?', '*+', '**'):

<!ELEMENT body ((;)*,((%model.divWrapper;),(;
| (;)*+ |
| (;)*+)?)),(;)**)>