Karin Armstrong wrote:
> I've got a situation where the manuscript has small graphical elements 
> that should be recorded as part of the page, but don't meet the 
> description for <figure>.  Examples are flourishes under a poem or 
> signature, brackets around line groups, a box drawn around finis, and 
> horizontal rules.
curiously, this came up at the meeting of the TEI Technical Council last 
week in another context;
the desire there was for something called <ornament>, which I think is 
the same as your flourish.

 I am not sure there *is* a consistency, however. A flourish between two 
paragraphs is not the same as
<p rend="boxed">Finis</p>, surely? horizontal rules are different again, 
as are bracketed groups.
Are you sure you want a single solution?

of your suggestions:

<seg type="flourish" rend="below"><graphic n="4" /></seg>
is evil, omitting the url from <graphic>. I'd call that abuse.
<trailer><seg type="box">finis</seg></trailer> looks fine to me, though the
@rend version below may be more natural.

 <g type="flourish" subtype="..." rend="below" /> I could (cautiously) buy.

<lg rend="bracket_right">
<trailer rend="boxed">finis</trailer>

both seem fine

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