Print is an image of a TEI 
of the Ubuntu Live CD (Feisty series) for Intel PC. Grab a copy, make a CD
from it, reboot your PC from the CD, and you should find yourself
in a nice Linux system with the latest and greatest TEI-everything 
It includes a state of the art eXist XML database system running with 
TEI documents preloaded.

I make these CDs mainly for teaching purposes, but it can also be used
as an install medium to set up a new computer with a running Ubuntu

As I have said before, if you have some nice software which should/can be
be on here, let me know.  There are three conditions:
 * it can't need _too_ much space
 * it must have an open source licence according to OSI definitions, and
    data files must be completely free (no "nocommercial" clauses)
 * it must be set up as a Debian package or something close (no "its got
   its own copy of Tomcat and Java with it")

Sebastian Rahtz      

Information Manager, Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN. Phone +44 1865 283431